Increase Your Bandwidth


As bandwidth increases, so does the amount of information that can flow in a given amount of time.

PRIDE Museum’s Increase Your Bandwidth is a fascinating Learning Program that advances technology and science education for youth by conducting a calendar of local excursions to Fortune 500 companies, high tech corporations, and research laboratories where new perspectives on technology are explained and demonstrated. Youth will be inspired by participating in programs, camps, internships, lectures, seminars, facility tours, hands-on activities, experiments, fun-labs and workshops – broadening their minds to what lies outside of their daily routine and increasing their bandwidth. Hundreds of high technology and scientific companies are headquartered in Silicon Valley that address community needs to improve the quality of life within the geography in which they do business. They are committed to being a vital, contributing partner to their community, building long-term alliances with nonprofit organizations to make a substantial impact on education, giving, community partnerships and volunteerism.

Tech concepts learned are listed below: